Wellness Monitoring

It used to be that there were two options for managing your wellness:
1. Wait until you’re sick
Conventional medicine is based on diagnosing and treating disease. It uses technology to test your body parts to find out what’s wrong. In most cases, you need to be already sick enough for the test to indicate that something is wrong. Sometimes you can go for test after test and not get any conclusive results. You don’t feel quite right, but it may take a long time for your doctor to have final diagnosis for your symptoms.

2. Take preventative measures

Natural medicine focuses on prevention and maintaining natural body’s homeostasis :  taking care of your health to avoid becoming sick in the first place. The problem here is that there are so many options: which path do you choose? Which supplements do you take? And how do you know whether or not they are working?
The Health Monitoring Wellness Center (HMWC) provides the best of both worlds
Our focus is on prevention and using natural supplements to help your body heal itself.
We also use advanced scanning technology to determine exactly what is wrong, and whether or not your lifestyle and natural treatment plan is working.
You will be able to both see and feel the difference.
Our bioenergetic scans provide detailed visual reports on dozens of electro-physiology wellness markers. From this information, we can determine exactly what you need to do to move the markers from the “unhealthy zone” into the “healthy zone.”
 Here are some of the wellness conditions we assess and balance at HMWC
·         Stress – stress can show up in many different ways. Learn the underlying causes.
·         Trauma – emotions have particular energy frequency patterns  and those  can be measured and balanced.
·         Diabetes – learn the degree of probability of your risk for developing diabetes probability.
·         Heart disease – get a measurable preventative wellness plan for cardiovascular disease probability.
·         Chronic fatigue – discover the underlying causes of your fatigue. Get an all natural plan for restoring your energy.