Is a past trauma preventing you from moving on with your life?

Stresses from past trauma can show up in many different ways MED0000826

Do you feel:

  • Like you are stuck and can’t move on?
  • That you are in the dark and don’t see the light?
  • Defeated and powerless?
  • Replaying the event in your mind all the time like a broken record?
  • Ineffective and inefficient?
  • Like your life has been out of balance ever since it occurred?
  • Tired and not motivated with daily routines?
  • Prevented from being at your peak performance level?


Understand why you feel the way you do. There is truth in your energy.

Health Monitoring Wellness Center always starts with a thorough stress assessment using the most advanced bioenergetic technology.

These scans will show:

  • Brain chemistry imbalances
  • Weaknesses in related body organs that support your emotional body
  • Hormonal imbalances that could aggravate your ability to cope with your trauma

Emotions have specific Volta-metric frequency shapes.  Emotions can be measured.  Each emotion has particular frequency and one emotion is different from the other. Emotions can be identified as different substances and we can determine what emotions are causation factors and what the effects are from them. These show up as imbalances.

trauma_scan1 trauma_scan2

Get a detailed electro trauma profile report…and a plan to help you get your life back again.

Through these tests, we will develop a detailed stress profile report…and a plan to help you get your life back again.

After the assessment, we will advise you with specific supportive remedies and therapies. Therapy options include brain wave balancing and emotional frequency pattern balancing, along with neurotransmitter boosting.

As your imbalances are corrected, you will see your profile change for the better. It is trackable, so you are not in dark anymore. Our goal is to see improvement in all those markers as well as how you feel.

Ready to say goodbye to stresses originated the past trauma and all the associated imbalances in life? Call for an appointment today: (604) 716-4530