Scanning and Lab Services

Scanning and Lab Services: Learn the truth about your body.

Everyone has heard of X-ray, EEG, PET, MRI and CT diagnostic scanners.

In Europe and in the U.S.A now, you hear about the BFS (Biofeedback Scan), BES (Body Electric Scan), Bio-Resonance Scan (similar to Molecular Spectroscopy Scan) and IFS (Interstitial Fluid Scan) for evidence-based wellness assessment.

These advanced and sophisticated scanners pre-assess your degree of wellness to learn what preventative measures may be effective in changing your lifestyle and improving imbalances. These computerized scanners operate at the level of measurement of cellular division, specific neurotransmitters and interstitial cellular fluid, to produce a detailed, deep, and profoundly accurate picture of your health imbalances and wellness status.

Health Monitoring Wellness Centrer offers the following advanced scanning technologies and lab tests.



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