Biofeedback Scanning (BFS)

Biofeedback Scanning


Biofeedback Scans  are designed to trigger intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms. This scanner gets the reactivity from the body and then returns the correct information to the body to balance disruptions.  The correct description for the feedbacks that this scanner collects from the body is called Voltammetric Signature Reactivity.   It is a therapeutic device that can enhance mind and body healing.

Biofeedback scanner identifies various disruptions and imbalances of the body.  These disruptions and imbalances that are associated with illnesses. The biofeedback scanner is designed to recondition the body’s reactions to various frequencies. We can measure how the body reacts to various health frequency responses. These measurements can give valuable wellness information so that you can differentiate between causes and symptoms. We don’t want to work on symptoms only, but on  underlying causes.