Biofeedback Scan Profiling

Biofeedback Scan Profiling – $270

Spending too much money for too little results?

It doesn’t matter how many supplements you take; it’s about what your body assimilates.

What can be measured can be managed.

Restore your wellness in the fastest, most direct way possible by finding and balancing the root cause, rather than just symptoms. The voltametric signature reactivity scan will cover:

  • Hormonal Reactivity (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, female and male hormones)
  • Digestive Reactivity  (liver, stomach, pancreas, intestines, spleen )
  • Nutritional Reactivity (including vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids etc)
  • Food and Environmental Reactivity (dairy foods, animal hair, seafood, MSG etc)
  • Homeotoxicology (toxins) Reactivity (food additives, cosmetics, asbestos etc)

Learn what is happening in your body so that you can make the right choices for wellness.

Limited spaces available. Call (604) 716-4530 and book a scan today.