What Profiling Scan Session do I need?

What scan do I need?

Basic Profiling Scan Session

Use one Scanning technology (IFS)

Who needs it?

Anyone who has no health concerns but wants to maximize health and monitor wellness.

This scan covers the following:

  • Hormonal electro chemistry imbalances (gives information about your aging process, fatigue, moodiness, feeling cold, waking up in the middle of the night, not able to sleep, well, etc)
  • Digestive organs: liver, pancreas, stomach, intestine, spleen (how to increase assimilation of nutrients from food or supplements)
  • Daily energy flow pattern (shows how much you can increase your energy level)
  • Your executive brain electro chemistry – neurotransmitters (you will know how much you could increase productivity, will power, and combat procrastination)
  • Mineral electro chemistry imbalances : essential for optimum energy
  • Body’s detox system: liver, kidneys, lymph, bowel (how effective and good your body’s cleansing system is working)
  • Your breathing system: lungs and bronchi. The oxygen taken in determines energy levels.

The IFS  is Biochemistry  Scan that Includes simple two page Assessment Report and personal consultation to recommend remedies or supplements to improve both functionality and health.


Baseline Profiling Scan Session

Using combo scan BES and IFS

Who needs it?

People who have serious or chronic health concerns and want to improve conditions naturally and effectively.  Especially, for people who worry about their genetic predispositions for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and brain related conditions.

This includes everything offered in the IFS Scan, PLUS:

  • A Bioelectric Scan: cardiovascular, brain, arteries, nerve, oxygen uptake in the cells (can show us the degree of probability of potentially serious diseases such as diabetes, heart attack, strokes)
  • A Comprehensive Assessment Result Report



Complete Profiling Scan Session

Using all three scanning technologies : BES, IFS and MSS

Who needs this scan?  

People who want to work on their health proactively and focus on anti-aging .   Highly recommended for people who really want to find the causative factors for their symptoms.

This combo scan is also recommended for people with a family history of heart disease/stroke, auto-immune disorders,  cancer, hormonal issues or suspicion of viral or bacterial infections.

The IFS and MSS Scan includes everything offered in the IFS Scan, PLUS:

  • A Molecular Spectroscopy Scan (MSS): scans at the cellular level imbalances (very effective in detecting imbalances in microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, fungi, allergens, heavy metal or various toxins in the body.)
  • The MSS is  effective for finding underlying causese and planning individualized wellness program
  • A Comprehensive Assessment Result Report