What to expect (how to prepare for your scan)

What to expect (how to prepare for your profiling scan session)

1. Preparing for your first appointment

In order to get accurate scan results, before your appointment: please

  • No coffee or caffeine for 6 hours (no Starbucks for 24, because it’s so strong!)
  • No eating for 2 hours prior to the test
  • No heavy exercise for 6 hours (walking or light exercise is ok but no heavy training)
  • Drink lots of water – scan produces more accurate result when body is well hydrated
  • If you could take Probiotics or Acidophilus for your intestine, it will also help to get more accurate assessment.  It seems to improve overall electrolytes and body electric.

2. Intake Process

Please arrive 10 minutes before your first appointment so we can do the intake paperwork.

There will then be a thorough intake interview about current symptoms and past disease history.

3. Profiling Scan Session

Depending on your health concerns, we’ll do one of three profiling scan of your choice.  It will take one to three days for profiling scan withing 6 weeks.

The scans and consultation will take from 45 minutes to 2 hours respectively each time.

These scans are non-invasive and no needles. You will need to remove your shoes and socks – all other clothes remain on.

4. Results

Once the scans are complete,the results will be reviewed with you and any questions will be answered.

You’ll get a assessment report for your wellness education.

5. Personalized Wellness Plan and Heath Monitoring Program

Based on your scan results and wellness concerns, We may suggest:

  • Bioenergetic treatment
  • Nutritionally supportive remedies
  • Lifestyle modifications

We will also advise you on what symptoms to pay attention to and what you can monitor yourself at home.

Depending on the results, we may refer you to other professionals for additional testing or physical exams.