Personalized Holistic Health Care Program

Personalized Holistic Health Care Program

Concerned about your wellness?

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You’re working hard to take good care of yourself. You believe in holistic health care, prevention, and alternative health practices.

You research the information, you eat well and you take the latest supplements…and yet, something feels “off.”

  • You’re wondering if you’re as healthy as you can be. Is something missing from your routine?
  • You question if you’re taking the right supplements. Are they actually working? (Or are you just wasting your money?)
  • You have a family history of diseases – and even though you feel healthy right now, you’re worried that you may get it too. (Diabetes, cardiovascular (heart) disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.)

Or maybe you don’t feel quite as well and energetic as you think you should.

Health Monitoring Wellness Center (HMWC) specializes in using state of the art advanced scanning technologies to specifically and accurately measure what is happening in your wellness.  We can identify and observe the degree of probability in getting diseases that you want to monitor for the optimum Homeostasis.

Bio-energetic scan report

Your body has hundreds of different “Electro-biomarkers”- specific, measurable subclinical indications of health or wellness. Examples of familiar Electro-biomarkers include body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure and body fat mass levels. All of which can be easily tested by electrophysiological scanning equipment.   Definitive disease diagnosis may be identified by using conventional medical tests such as: X-ray, EEG, PET, MRI and CT diagnostic scanners.

Our “bioenergetic scan profiling” gathers information and measures Electro- biomarkers down to the energetic and cellular level – measuring things such as cellular division, specific neurotransmitters and interstitial cellular fluid. This produces a detailed, deep, and profoundly accurate picture of your health imbalances and wellness status.

From this information, we can determine which bio-markers we need to monitor in order to prevent disease or improve wellness.

Get a Holistic treatment plan – based on accurate bio-energetic electrophysiology measurements

We can monitor and track:

  • Whether or not the supplements you are taking are having the desired effect
  • Which Electro-biomarkers need to be improved (from this, we can tell which natural supplements or energy medicine you need to take)
  • Whether or not you have the probability of predisposition to develop specific diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular, etc.)
  • Root causes of specific symptoms

Once we have the profiling measurements, we can begin personalized preventative holistic treatments.

Using natural supplements and energy medicine, we may often “nip disease in the bud” and avoid the need for intrusive and painful medical procedures down the road.

Our clients often report positive results in as little as 2 days

Curious about YOUR health? Wondering where to start? Contact us to book Introductory Biofeedback Scan session. Call: (604) 716-4530

Health monitoring program: get a personalized holistic wellness plan and track your progress along the way

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There is a one-year program to ensure that you are making progress in eliminating your wellness concerns (or optimizing your good health!)

Includes a personalized wellness program and multiple follow-up scans to ensure that the program is working.

Then we recommend yearly plan to monitor your personalized wellness.  There are two Health Monitoring member Programs : Basic and Comprehensive

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