Holistic Biological Medicine

Holistic Biological Medicine

At Health Monitoring Wellness Center, we support our clients with various supportive remedies and treatment.  One of our fundamental healing modalities is Holistic Biological Medicine.

Biological medicine if the future of natural medicine.  It has been practiced for years at various clinics, such as the Paracelsus Clinic at Lustmuhle and the clinics and practices associated with.

Biological Medicine is based on Orthodox Medical knowledge, Physiology and Biochemistry, and increasingly on modern discoveries in Physics.  Modern Biological Medicine is particularly influenced by the Physics of photons and discoveries about magnetism and electronic charges of cells and fluids.  However, it also integrates various old alternative healing methods, some of which have been successfully used for thousands of years.

Biological medicine influences the inner Milieu, detoxifies the cells and the intercellular Substance, and eliminates Metabolic Waste.

 “we treat humans, not symptoms or diagnoses.  We support the regulatory forces in the human, which brings healing from the inside.”

Biological medicine is based on a way of thinking different from that of modern western orthodox medicine, a “functional” thinking: every symptom has a meaning and a cause and is the body’s response to an internal disturbance.  The methods of biological medicine uncover disturbances of the inner milieu and burdens and shows ways of treatment of:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Metabolic disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies etc.
  • Overweight
  • Heart and lung diseases
  • Diseases of the locomotor system
  • Neurological disorders

—- Dr.Thomas Rau M.D.

About Biological Medicine

Freedom girlBiological medicine is a holistic approach to health and wellness that allows the human body to maximize its own innate healing powers.

One of the most powerful ways to establish health in your life is to live in harmony with your inner rhythms. By reconnecting with our inner rhythmic processes and innate wisdom we will lead ourselves toward a more balanced state of health.

Your internal rhythms are real—as real as your heartbeat, the rise and fall of your breathing and the ebb and flow of your hormones. In fact, all biological functions occur rhythmically.

As human beings, we are constantly searching and striving for ways to improve our health and the health of our loved ones. Biological medicine has been providing clients with a uniquely restorative, holistic system, rooted in ancient Eastern and Western traditions and balanced with an exceptional understanding of modern science and medicine.

The wisdoms of age old practices like Ayurveda, Chinese herbalism, homeopathy and natural European remedies, are used to restore bodily harmony. The basic philosophy of Biological Medicine is expressed by its name: “bio-logic”—the logic of nature. The foundation of biological medicine is the body’s own “Knowledge of Life”—the body’s innate wisdom regarding natural forces within and around the individual. Because every person is unique, biological medicine treats the individual, not just the disease. Both the practitioner and client work together to discover and free the body’s own natural way of healing.

Biological medicine looks for the underlying source of illness. These root causes may consist of several factors that, over time, can allow disease causing toxins to build up in the body. Some of these underlying factors include:

  • diet
  • food allergies
  • intestinal disturbances
  • family history
  • stress
  • aging
  • environmental factors
  • heavy metals
  • dental disturbances
  • hyperacidity
  • trauma
  • exposure to bacteria or viruses
  • electromagnetic disturbances

Without fundamental changes in these root causes, there can be no real healing. Restoring the body with biological medicine is done through detoxification, rebuilding the digestive system, strengthening the immune system and alkalizing your body through diet, to support the proper pH, one of the most important foundations of health.